Conversations in Broadcasting #52

A certain TV program dedicated to entertainment and lifestyles that appeared to had been part of the main broadcast for WPMI-TV during the second half of the hour of 12:00 p.m. on the Wednesday of the twenty-fourth day of the month of October for the calendar year 2018  ("Gulf Coast Today") appeared to have had this conversation between some of its contributors (Kelly Foster (host) and (Terra Reeves (host)):

Kelly Foster: Well listen to this -- are Belgians the nicest or the world's worst robbers? 

Terra Reeves: Yeah, this is funny. In a small town in Belgium, robbers came in and threaten the owner of an e-cigarette shop.

(note #1: the program appeared to have had a digital graphic with text of " Belgian suspects return to scene of crime" by this point before appearing to have had a certain video without the contributors for some of the conversation immediately afterwards)

Kelly Foster: But instead of giving in to their demands, the owner actually took a different approach.

Terra Reeves: The shop owner convinced the would-be thieves that If they came back later, during the business day, that more money would be available in the register

Kelly Foster: Now the robbers did return--


Kelly Foster: -- to the shop later in the day where they were finally apprehended by police -- now these were not smart robbers.


Kelly Foster: First of all, you're not smart to steal, and then you're doubly dumb if from where from you stole from you're going to show back up.


Kelly Foster: Yeah, unless you're showing back up to say hey man, I'm going to turn my self in, I'm going to give these things back to you. [note #2: the program appeared to have had the contributors again by this point] Come on! They deserved to be caught. What is up with that?. 

Terra Reeves: I don't know what the store owner was thinking because he had to have thought, this is so bizarre, they're not even going to believe me, and then they actually bought it and he's like, oh they're probably nervous, they're not going to come back, and when those suckers showed back up at the e-cigarette shop, I bet he was laughing.

Kelly Foster: Oh I know, I know.

Terra Reeves: --to himself.

Kelly Foster: Got them now.


Kelly Foster: I know. Cha-ching.

Terra Reeves: That's not even that good of a ploy--

Kelly Foster: I know. 

Terra Reeves: -- and they fell right into the trap.

Kelly Foster: Mmm-hmm

Terra Reeves: Yeah, they're probably the worst robbers--

Kelly Foster: They are.

Terra Reeves: --in the history of robbing.          

Kelly Foster: Now they'll have a lot of time to think about how they a, should have not have -- you know--

Terra Reeves: Been robbing.

Kelly Foster: Been involved in it--

Terra Reeves: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Kelly Foster: --in the first place, and I hate to say this but maybe how they could have done it better. Sometimes--


Kelly Foster: -- criminals go down that path.

Terra Reeves: They learned from being [indistinguishable]. Yeah.

(*note #3: the program appeared to have had the Terra Reeves expressing laughter)

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