Conversations in Broadcasting #63

A certain news program related to WALA-TV that appeared to have had been part of their main broadcast channel during the hour of 5:00 p.m. on the Tuesday of the twenty-ninth day of the month of January for the calendar year 2019 ("FOX 10 News at 5:00 p.m.") appeared to have had some of its contributors (a certain presenter for certain parts of it related to news named Byron Day and a certain reporter for certain parts of it related to weather named Jason Smith)) saying the following sentences immediately after appearing to have had a certain video involving texts of "SURPRISE OF A LIFETIME" and "LOCAL FAN MEETS HIS FOOTBALL HERO" (note: a certain part of a certain World Wide Web site related to WALA-TV appeared to have had a video similar to this one):

Byron Day: Oh, what a great story.

Jason Smith: It sure is.

Byron Day: Ah, man. Ethan, we're pulling for you, man. Everything is going to be ok.

Jason Smith: Yeah.


A certain TV program dedicated to entertainment and lifestyles that appeared to had been part of the main broadcast channel for WALA-TV during the hour of 9:00 a.m. on the Wednesday of the twenty-third day of the month of January for the calendar year 2019 ("Studio 10") appeared to have had this conversation between some of its contributors (Joe Emer (host) and Michael White (host)): 

Joe Emer: Welcome in to 'Studio 10', I'm Joe Emer.

Michael White: And I'm Michael White. Good to see you on this Wednesday.

Joe Emer: Yep, and we got a really exciting announcement to make for you on this Wednesday. Uh, as we know, our last co-host, Chasity Byrd, left a while ago and been kind of filling in as we do our search for a new co-host. Well, in just about two weeks, on Tuesday, February 5th, our new co-host will be here, so you'll get to see her, we'll introduce you to her, when that comes about on Tuesday on February 5th, and then if we can take some shots of the studio here as well.

Michael White: Things are changing.

Joe Emer: Things are changing. You also see the ladder over there and a few different things going on. We got a different area [where to] work on. Looks fantastic...from the screen.

Michael White: For people curious about what is going to happen to the old set. Once the new set is in place, the old one is going to get transported to Chasity's house and she's going to do, the show, from her home.

Joe Emer: And just livestream it.   

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