Conversations in Broadcasting #45

A certain TV program dedicated to entertainment and lifestyles that appeared to had been part of the main broadcast channel for WALA-TV during the hour of 9:00 a.m. on the Thursday of the fourth day of the month of October for the calendar year 2018 ("Studio 10") appeared to have had this conversation between some of its contributors (Joe Emer (host) and Michael White (host)):

Joe Emer: All right, earlier in the show my mind wondered and led me to this-- 

Michael White: There it is!
Joe Emer: --that our "Studio 10" photographer -- our FOX 10 photographer on the right -- Robert Brown, looks exactly--

Michael White: Yes he does!

Joe Emer: --like Big Boi from Outkast who's coming to town for Ten Sixty-five (or Ten65) festival. Imagine, now I've--I've seen--

Michael White: Heh ha.

Joe Emer: --some pictures, too, where I've seen where Robert has sunglasses and a hat on and it is uncanny,--

Michael White: [wheezes] Heh ha ha.

Joe Emer: --the resemblance. So--

Michael White: I love it!

Joe Emer:--it might be Big Boi who's coming on stage, but the -- they could have shocked you and it could be my man Robert Brown coming on stage.

Michael White: If Big Boi--

Joe Emer: You would not know

Michael White: If Big Boi's in a movie, Robert could be his stunt double.

Joe Emer: Robert could absolutely be his stunt double. Uh, Big Boi, of course, the half of the Atlanta duo, Grammy-winning duo Outkast. Now he's on his own doing solo work as well. Uh, good times man.

Michael White: You've seen the movie "Undercover Brother", right.

Joe Emer: I have.

Michael White: I always thought Robert Brown looked like Smart Brother.

Joe Emer: Ah, that could--that could--that could be...

Michael White: the actor who played him.

Joe Emer: Another one as well.

Michael White: As soon as I'm like, that's Robert Brown.

Joe Emer: I love him, man, huh. Robert Brown's--Robert Brown's my dude, man. I love messing with him.

Michael White: Heh heh. 

Joe Emer: I just sent him a text saying he's going to be on "Studio 10". 

Michael White: All though I'm not--

Joe Emer: He doesn't know what's going on. 

Michael White: --I'm not very happy with him as because he bailed on our fantasy league this year.

Joe Emer: He did. He did!

Michael White: That was very shameful.

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