Conversations in Broadcasting #46

A certain TV program dedicated to entertainment and lifestyles that appeared on the main broadcast channel for WALA-TV during the hour of 9:00 a.m. on the Tuesday of the ninth day of the month of October for the calendar year 2018 ("Studio 10") appeared to have had this conversation between two of its contributors (Joe Emer (host)) and Michael White (reporter)):

Joe Emer: Uh, Michael, of course, there is absolutely nothing funny about a hurricane. We are going to be talking about the serious implications of that and the latest path coming up.

Michael White: Yeah.

Joe Emer: Uh, one thing I did want to mention though is isn't it kind a strange if your name happens to be...the hurricane -- my wife's name is Katrina.

Michael White: [indistinguishable]

Joe Emer: So...

Michael White: There you go.

Joe Emer: --and then my mom called me and she said, "Oh boy Hurricane Michael's coming" because my brother's name is Michael.    

Michael White: And Michael is such a common name--

Joe Emer: Right!

Michael White: --there's probably so many people that -- have impacted this -- about how many are in the meteorology field.

Joe Emer: But that's what I said to my mom--

Michael White: Yeah.

Joe Emer: --though, and I said, "Well it's kind of funny that my brother's name is Michael, but it's different for meteorologist Michael White. This is what I talk about.

Michael: Yeah.

Joe Emer: This is Michael all of the time.

Michael White: I have thought about this--

Joe Emer: Yeah.

Michael White: --and I thought you know, if there's something -- if there ever was a Michael, in terms from Hurricane Michael it would be just one of those hurricanes -- those Atlantic ones that just kind of hang out there.

Joe Emer: Right.

Michael White: --and you talk about it for two minutes, but now it's a gulf storm--

Joe Emer: Right.

Michael White: --and it's going to be a major hurricane and it's so weird it feels like you're referring to your self in the third person and you just got a massive ego.

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