Thursday, October 16, 2014

News for Thursday, October 16th, 2014

  • Joe Emer of WALA-TV's local entertainment and lifestyle program ("Studio 10") mentioned a former employee of WALA-TV named Adam Ghassemi on this past Wednesday's (October 15th) edition of the program while explaining how he and his colleague Cherish Lombard knew his wife Crystal, the manager of public relations for the Dollar General Corporation, since she had appeared in a recorded segment of the edition showing certain Halloween items at her "local Dollar General" store.
  • Both Mobile and Montgomery, Alabama were mentioned in one of the editions of the original "Blockbusters" game show broadcast by the Game Show Network (GSN) today (they had two editions of it in their programming today) due to two of its "M" questions being about them. The one about Mobile was about it being the "M" that was known as "the second largest city in Alabama" and "the city of six flags" by the time it was asked (in the year 1981). As for the one about Montgomery, it was about it being the "M" that was the original capital of the former Confederate States of America. 

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