Monday, March 7, 2016

Commentary: Local news reports about anniversary with odd number and weather reports with clothing suggestions

  • I wish some of the weather reporters for some of the local TV stations in southwest Alabama would not occasionally use their jobs suggest what viewers and/or listeners of their respective stations' broadcasts should wear; especially since one of them did so more often than usual between this past Saturday and this past Sunday (the fifth and sixth days of this March respectively). Perhaps he was forced to do so by someone in a higher position at his station and he would have lost his own position had he not done so.
  • I heard some news reports from WALA-TV and WPMI-TV about today being the 51st anniversary of the day a certain group of protesters in the city of Selma in the central part of Alabama was attacked by police and thought they were very unusual since they and other broadcasters usually had reports like those in which the numbers for the anniversaries acknowledged by them were even numbers; especially since they had more reports about the 50th anniversary of the attack in Selma than the ones they had for the 51st anniversary.

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