Sunday, March 27, 2016

News for Saturday, March 26th, 2016

  • Both WKRG-TV and WALA-TV had at least one promotional video proclaim the idea their local news operations were committed to their local broadcast areas in their  programming on a regular basis recently.*
  • A notice concerning the retransmission consent contract between the owners of both WKRG-TV and WFNA-TV (Media General) and a satellite TV company named Dish Network was posted onto the official World Wide Web site for WKRG-TV by this Saturday.   
  • WALA-TV had some reports about participants of a local radio program for WAVH-FM commenting about some recent accusations against the governor of Alabama (Robert Bentley) on one of their local news programs and their official World Wide Web site this past Thursday on the twenty-fourth day of this March (the radio program was not identified by its proper name in the reports). 
(*WALA-TV had several videos claiming such commitment in their programming on a regular basis before WKRG-TV had at least one in their programming in the past year; they even had members of their news department make such claims in their news programming and a slogan based around the claim itself during the past year (this was their slogan: "Committed to you").

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