Saturday, March 4, 2017

News for Saturday, March 4th, 2017

  • One of the digital sub-channels for WFNA-TV was set to have syndicated programming about a series of basketball games in place of network programming from its main provider of programming in recent times (Bounce TV) for this Saturday and the Thursday and Friday of this calendar week (the second and third days of this March respectively).
  • The official Facebook page for WSRE-TV had a message dated for the Wednesday of the first day of this March about a plan for one of the digital sub-channels of their broadcast operation to have the programming feed for a national TV programming service named PBS Kids Channel in place of the one that was usually its main source of programming in recent times (Vme TV) by the Monday of the sixth day of March.
  • The digital sub-channel mentioned in the previous paragraph had a graphic about the plan mentioned in that paragraph on a continuous basis this Saturday (it consisted of a logo for WSRE-TV, a logo for the national TV programming service essential tho that plan, and some texts of the phrases "Coming March 6th" and "Comenzando en este canal ei dia 6 de marzo" (Spanish for "Starting on this channel on March 6"). 

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