Tuesday, January 29, 2019

News for Monday, January 28th, 2019

  • A certain news program related to WALA-TV that appeared to had been part of their main broadcast channel during the first half of the hour of 10:00 p.m. on the Sunday of the twenty-eighth day of this January ("FOX 10 News at 10:00 p.m.") appeared to have had one of its contributors (a certain reporter for certain parts of it related to weather named Matt Barrentine) saying, "I want to go ahead and get you startled on your Monday forecast because...Monday forecast is boring. Heh heh heh. It's quiet, it's nice to start off, but it's a little chilly, you got to bundle up -- around forty degrees in the morning as you get going on your Monday, but otherwise, pretty nice. The afternoon is going to be mild; temperatures in the sixties; partly cloudy skies; no worries about any rain; that's your Monday. [indistinguishable sound] don't worry about your Monday. Beyond Monday that's what we're going to watch out for because of this big blast of arctic air is coming on down through the eastern half of the U-S. Thankfully we are nowhere near this bullseye. That bullseye up there in--in the the great lakes. Whoa ho, you are -- I wouldn't want to be anywhere near that. We are talking, like minus temperatures for several days in spots; like, the highest, like that. Not for me" and one of its other contributors (a certain presenter for certain parts of it related to news named Lee Peck) saying, "I think we need to go back and, uh, play a Wii game with them or two. I don't know" immediately after appearing to have had a certain video* in which was the word "Wii" was being said (*note: a certain part of a certain World Wide Web site named YouTube appeared to have a video similar to this one).

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