Wednesday, September 4, 2019

News for Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019

    • A certain part of a certain Facebook page related to WKRG-TV appeared to have had text of "USA! USA! USA! We kicked off a new tradition on this Labor Day. Each morning, we’ll begin the broadcast day with the airing of the national anthem." related to its administration this Tuesday (with a hyperlink involving texts of "", "WKRG to start daily broadcasts with National Anthem", and "News 5 will be among 171 Nexstar stations across the country that will..." (to a certain part of a certain World Wide Web site related to WKRG-TV involving groups of texts such as "WKRG to start daily broadcasts with National Anthem", "by: WKRG Staff Posted: Updated:
    • Certain parts of a certain news program related to WALA-TV that appeared to have had been part of their main broadcast channel during the hour of 9:00 p.m. on the Sunday of the first day of this September ("FOX 10 News at 9:00 p.m.") appeared to have had one of its contributors (a certain presenter for certain parts of it related to news named Michael Warrick) saying , "And on our roads here in Alabama, three new measures to keep in mind, actually two at this point, starting today, all passengers will be required to wear seat belts, all passengers, regardless of age or sex. Of course, that's uh, uh, it requires all people if whether you're a minor too [or to], in the front or the back, an adult in the front of the back to buckle up. If failure to follow the new law, will get you a ticket. ALDOT reports sixty percent of those who died in traffic accidents in twenty seventeen, weren't, wearing, a seat belt" (while appearing to have had a certain video with digital graphic involving texts of "NEW STATE SEAT BELT LAW" and "ALL PASSENGERS MUST BUCKLE UP OR GET TICKETED")", "The Alabama Anti-Road Rage Act also kicking off today. It specifically states that you only can drive a mile and a half in the left lane, before you have to get back into the right. If you don't, you could get a ticket. Police also say the aim is to stop, road rage. That, is, irritating, isn't it (while appearing to have had a certain video with digital graphics involving texts of "NEW ANTI-ROAD RAGE ACT" and "LIMITS LEFT-LANE DRIVING, ENFORCED W/ TICKETS") and, "Well still ahead, a teen warning others after he says vaping nearly took his life. The details behind the shocking video when we have, when we come back" (while appearing to have had some digital graphics surrounding a certain video (note: some of the graphics below the video appeared to have had resembled text of "COMING UP")).

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