Friday, December 26, 2014

News for Thursday, December 25th, 2014

  • WPMI-TV was the only local TV station in the Mobile, Alabama-Pensacola, Florida TV market to have had new editions of all of their regular local TV news programs on this Thursday while the others (WKRG-TV, WALA-TV, and WEAR-TV) did not due to their special programming plans for that Thursday as part of their observance of it being Christmas Day also. 
  • WAVH-FM (106.5) was set to have a special syndicated radio program titled "Zachary's Gift" broadcast during time periods normally used for their local news and discussion programs for Monday through Friday ("Mobile Mornings", "Midday Mobile", and "The Drive") between this past Wednesday, December 24th, and this Friday, December 26th (all of them were to be pre-empted by this special program on this Thursday after only one of them ("The Drive") was pre-empted on Wednesday and only two of them were to be pre-empted this Friday ("Mobile Mornings" and "Midday Mobile").

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