Friday, September 11, 2015

Commentary: A letter to broadcasters regarding the eleventh day of September

(note: an earlier version of this commentary originally appeared on the World Wide Web site Examiner when I was one of its contributors) 

To local and national broadcasters,

Please stop using the eleventh day of September every year to remind your audiences about a certain series of disasters that occurred in the town of New York in the state of New York, the town of Arlington in the state of Virginia, and the town of Shanksville in the state of Pennsylvania in the year 2001 as if they were the worst events to have ever occurred in the history of the world. I am sure you all know that other events happened on this date both before and after those disasters. 

If every other terrible event to have ever occurred on this date were like the series of disasters I had just referenced, every day would most likely be declared a somber day or a day of remembrance; so please, stop making the eleventh day of September less than ordinary compared to every other calendar date. Let this date be free to be like every other date and free to be used by every living thing who wishes to make the best of this date, especially the ones who were born or married on this date. 

In conclusion, please stop referring to the series of disasters I had mentioned earlier as "9/11" or "September 11th". Doing so would really help restore the eleventh day of September to being an ordinary calendar date full of great potential and great possibilities.

Thank you for reading this message and may every one of your days be filled with great joy.

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