Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Commentary: Disappointment in return of TV program that was very popular in southwest Alabama ("Mama's Family")

I was very interested in the program returning to WKRG-TV's regular programming plans for the first time in years last Monday (the fourth Monday of this January) and disappointed in the way the episodes of the program to be part of their programming since then appeared when they were broadcast (they appeared as if they were made on film instead of videotape since every thing appeared to move slower than the way they usually moved in past broadcasts by other broadcasters). I don't believe either they or the programming service that provided the episodes (Memorable Entertainment Television) were at fault since someone involved in the management of the official Facebook page for the service had posted a message explaining that it was the fault of the company that gave them the video recordings of the episodes

(note: you may learn more about how the program was broadcast in this area years ago by visiting the historical feature on this weblog titled "History of 'Mama's Family' Television in Mobile, Alabama")

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