Thursday, April 14, 2016

News for Thursday, April 14th, 2016

  • WKRG-TV had a member of their local news operation who usually only presented weather information for local news programs of theirs on Saturday and Sunday evenings since joining the operation this past March present weather information for some of the local news programs they had this Thursday evening and the evening of this past Wednesday on the thirteenth day of this April (the name of this member was Thomas Geboy).  
  • WALA-TV started having breaks for commercial and/or promotional advertisements in their main programming feed between the final segments of new editions of their local news program for Monday through Friday mornings ("FOX 10 News in the Morning") and the first segments of new editions of a local TV program of theirs dedicated to entertainment and lifestyles ("Studio 10") on a regular basis during the previous calendar week (they usually had the entertainment and lifestyle program appear immediately after the local news program on the channel by then).
  • WALA-TV had an interview with a person said to be a fan of their broadcast operation on their local entertainment and lifestyle program today (the person was said to be part of a visit to their broadcast facility with family who were said to be fans of the theirs also; as for the interview, she was asked about her name ("Kylie"), her age ("five"), the members of their local news operation she had watched on their main broadcast channel (a news presenter of theirs named Sarah Wall and the hosts for the entertainment and lifestyle program (Joe Emer and Chasity Byrd)), and what she thought of their broadcast facility (she said she loved it); she was even allowed to say she had been watching local news broadcasts of theirs since she was a baby without having been asked about how long she had been watching such broadcasts).

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