Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Commentary: Broadcasters boasting about awards and elevating certain candidates for the presidency the United States

  • Some local broadcasters were still boasting either about their selves or their broadcast operations being honored through an awards program for a publication based in Mobile ("The Nappie Awards" for Lagniappe) during the previous calendar week in their broadcasts by the start of this calendar week since the awards ceremony for the program had occurred shortly after the first times they had used their positions to boast about the honors. I guess they were giving their selves breaks from what they were hired to do for a while (like presenting news unrelated to their selves) and taking time to either promote their selves or their broadcast operations in general for the sake of having more regular viewers and/or listeners and sustaining the ones they had all ready. 
  • I believe some folks in charge of the news departments of some of the local TV stations in southwest Alabama got what they wanted from the conventions that some members of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party were holding to nominate candidates for the presidency of the United States from their respective parties: the nominations of the ones named Donald Trump (for the Republican Party) and Hillary Clinton (for the Democratic Party). The reason for my believing so was because of some of their news presenters and news reporters putting more emphasis on those candidates than any other candidate over the past year; not even those of the same political parties in addition to those of other political parties like the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. I wish they had given more attention to other candidates like the nominee for president from the Libertarian Party named Gary Johnson  (personally I like him and many of his stances as a candidate). I was very glad he was mentioned by some local TV news presenters at the very least, but more could have been done for him and other candidates besides the ones named Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

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