Monday, July 4, 2016

News for Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

  • WALA-TV had videos of various persons outside their broadcast facility expressing what may or may not have their own personal feelings about next Monday on the fourth day of this July being the anniversary of the day a document named "The Declaration of Independence" was adopted by members of an early form of government in North America (the Thursday on the fourth day of July in the year 1776) appear on their local news program for Sunday evenings ("FOX 10 News at 9:00 p.m") this Sunday.
  • One of the news presenters for the local news operation at WKRG-TV (Ashley Knight) had referred to a TV station in the city of Houston in the state of Texas as a "sister station" of theirs (KHOU-TV) while presenting a report she had attributed to that station on one of the local news programs for their own station this past Saturday on the second day of this July between 10:00 p.m. and 10:35 p.m. ("WKRG News 5 at 10"); even though that phrase was normally used in reference to other TV stations with the same owners as theirs by then (WKRG-TV was owned by Media General while KHOU-TV was owned by TEGNA Media).*
(*both stations were affiliated with the Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS))

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