Monday, July 11, 2016

Commentary: Vulgar compliments about physical appearances, emotional words, and an unnecessary TV news program

  • I wish some folks would not use the official Facebook pages for some of the local TV stations in southwest Alabama to post vulgar compliments about the physical appearances of news presenters and news reporters for the stations represented by those pages (for example, compliments in which the words "fine" and/or "hot" were used in describe the presenters and/or reporters in sexual ways). 
  • I wish news presenters and news reporters in broadcasting (or any other medium) would not use words like "crazy" and "wild" to describe certain news reports or video while on their jobs (they should not be expressing what may or may not be their own personal feelings about news while on their jobs at all); They would be more professional and taken more seriously by viewers and/or listeners of their news programs by not doing so.
  • I wish the folks in charge of WFNA-TV would reconsider having a local TV news program of their own on a daily basis from Monday through Friday (especially one made by a different station (WKRG-TV); even though they have the same owners and the same studio for their news programs); their broadcast area has enough local TV news programs all ready, and not just the ones usually broadcast in the same time period normally used for their news program (9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.).

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