Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Commentary: Shame

Some local, national, and international news broadcasters should feel very shameful for having focused on two of the candidates for the presidency of the United States more than any other candidate over the past year: specifically the ones named Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I always felt those candidates were unfit to be president and felt they should had stopped campaigning long ago, and yet I was sad to learn about the candidate named Donald Trump having been declared the winner of the presidency earlier today.

I believe those broadcasters were mainly responsible for his winning the election, not just the folks who voted for him. Many of them probably would had not voted for him if it were not for these broadcasters, for they (the broadcasters) should had expanded their areas of focus and provided more information on candidates like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. If they had done so, more folks registered to vote probably would had known more about them and considered voting for them.

Personally I felt the one named Gary Johnson was more worthy of being president than any other candidate from the past year due to his ideas about what government should be and should not be and his history as governor of New Mexico. I guess some folks in charge of some news operations felt differently about him and de-emphasized him as much as possible in order to focus on just the worst of the candidates to benefit their selves, their operations, and other benefactors. I also guess some of them did not get every thing they wanted in the end since the other candidate who got more attention from them did not win the presidency. Sad, very sad; not for the candidate they probably wanted to win, but for the one I wanted to win: the one named Gary Johnson.

All I could do now is hope the electoral college system is used against the candidate named Donald Trump and used to help the one named Gary Johnson become president by the twentieth day of next January (the date for inaugurating winners of presidential elections in the United States).

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