Friday, June 5, 2015

News for Friday, June 5th, 2015

  • A digital sub-channel was added to the broadcast operation of WALA-TV this past Thursday, June 4th (they usually had no digital sub-channel by then)*.
  • An advertisement for the position of "chief meteorologist" (or main weather reporter) at WPMI-TV dated this Tuesday, June 2nd, was posted onto one of the official World Wide Web sites for their holding (or parent) company (the Sinclair Broadcast Group), specifically the one for posting advertisements for positions at stations within the company such as theirs (the name of the site was "SBG Careers"). 
  • According to WPMI-TV, the person who currently holds the position of "chief meteorologist" in their weather department was set to leave the position this summer (the name of the person was Derek Beasley). 
(*the channel had no programming by the time of this writing, even though TV sets receiving its signal via antennas may have either its radio frequency (9-2) or virtual number (10-2) and the name "Cozi TV" appear in graphics for displaying information about it). 

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