Thursday, June 16, 2016

Commentary: Dramatic and and emotional news broadcasters

I had noticed some news presenters on some local TV news programs alternating between phrases like "the worst mass shooting in U. S. history", "the worst mass shooting in recent U. S. history", and "the worst mass shooting in modern U. S. history" while presenting reports about a series of shootings that occurred city of Orlando in the state of Florida last Sunday on the twelfth day of this June. I had also noticed some of them acting very emotional while presenting those reports and sharing what may or may not have been their personal feelings about the shootings (one of them even shared what or may not have been some in regards to some other news from Orlando unrelated to the shootings while introducing it on one her station's news programs: "And another terrible breaking news story in Orlando tonight."). Personally I wish they had been more objective while talking about the shootings and not acted like they were playing fictional characters in a movie (in other words, they should act like professionals and not express any emotions in their broadcasts. I do not care whether they would be like robots or not, they would be better off keeping their emotions out of their broadcasts).

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