Thursday, September 29, 2016

News for Thursday, September 29th, 2016 (amended)

 (amendment note: the paragraph between parentheses near the bottom of the report was added)
  • WALA-TV had a report about the director of their news operation (Scott Flannigan) sending a letter to leaders of the city of Mobile in southwest Alabama about a video recording of an incident involving members of the police department for Mobile and pepper spray used against a group of students in the mid-town area of Mobile back on the Friday of the second day of this September in their local news programming this past Wednesday on the twenty-eighth day of this September.  
  • One of the hosts of a radio program for Mississippi Public Broadcasting (Cherita Brent of "Everyday Tech") used the edition of the program for this past Wednesday to say it was the last one for its other host (Ashley Jefcoat) due to a plan for the other host to relocate from the state of Mississippi to the state of Colorado in the future (you may listen to some of the previous editions of the program with the host named Ashley Jefcoat through the official World Wide Web site for Mississippi Public Broadcasting).* 
(*some parts of southwest Alabama were within the broadcast area of one of the radio stations in the radio network for Mississippi Public Broadcasting (WMAH-FM in southeast Mississippi to be precise))

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