Tuesday, October 18, 2016

News for Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

  • The local news program that appeared on the main broadcast channel for WKRG-TV during the first half of the hour of 12:00 p.m. ("WKRG News 5 at Noon") had a report about a group of students of a public elementary school in the city of Mobile in southwest Alabama (Pauline O'Rourke Elementary School) touring their broadcast facility in the city this Tuesday.
  • The local news program that appeared on the main broadcast channel for WKRG-TV during the first half of the hour of 10:00 p.m. this past Monday on the seventeenth day of this October ("WKRG News 5 at 10") had videos of various promotions for an effort sponsored by WKRG-TV and the University of South Alabama in Mobile ("The WKRG-University of South Alabama Canned Food Drive") to help a food bank based near Mobile (in the city of Theodore in southwest Alabama) named Feeding the Gulf Coast (the videos included those of the sports reporter for the local news operation at WKRG-TV (Randy Patrick Setterstrom) hosting a game similar to a card game named "three-card monte" (the reporter called it "three-can monte"), except it involved cans instead of cards (the reporter asked one of the news presenters for the program (Mel Showers) where the can of corn in the game would be "this weekend", to which he (correctly) answered, "At the Jaguars football game" (he was referring to the football team for the university). Afterwards a person (identified as simply "John" by the sports reporter) holding a sign promoting the effort (with the words "Support USA Jaguars" and "Donate cans at WKRG studios") appeared on the set of the program before video of the sports reporter holding the same sign while dancing with a person (named Chris Bergeron) holding a sign with the words "oil change" and the price "$19.90" near a highway (Highway 90) and the exterior of a business in Mobile specialized in maintaining automobiles named Precision Tune Auto Care appeared during the sports segment of the program).

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