Thursday, October 6, 2016

News for Wednesday, October 5th, 2016

  • The main programming feed for the radio network operated by Mississippi Public Broadcasting ("Think Radio" was the brand name for the feed) had a previous edition of a weekly radio program of theirs dedicated to technology ("Everyday Tech") without the person who was one of its regular hosts around the time of its original broadcast until her retirement from the program last Wednesday on the twenty-eighth day of last September (the name of the person who retired for the program was Ashley Jefcoat; the name of the other person who usually hosted it with her was Cherita Brent).*
  • WPMI-TV had what appeared to be video of a news reporter for a TV station outside of their local broadcast area (Scott Thuman of WJLA-TV in the District of Columbia) with the same owners as their station (the Sinclair Broadcast Group) doing live reports and analysis from the city of Farmville in the state of Virginia about two candidates for the vice presidency of the United States (Tim Kaine and Mike Pence) while interacting with two news presenters for their local news operation from their broadcast facility in the city of Mobile in southwest Alabama (Kym Thurman and Greg Peterson) on some of their local news programs this past Tuesday on the fourth day of this October (including "Local 15 News at 5:00 p.m." for their main broadcast channel and "Local 15 News at 9 p.m." for the main broadcast channel of their companion station (WJTC-TV). 
(*some parts of southwest Alabama were within the broadcast area of one of the radio stations in the radio network for Mississippi Public Broadcasting (WMAH-FM in southeast Mississippi to be precise))

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