Monday, February 6, 2017

Commentary: A prediction, a review, and an enjoyable experience

  • I had a feeling that many folks in southwest Alabama (either with or without either cable TV service or satellite TV service) would have a lot of trouble trying to receive TV programming about a certain football game through antennas this Sunday due to the digital broadcast signal from the main transmitter of the the station set to have it (WALA-TV) being very tough to receive at a level of quality sufficient for stable or fair reception (there had been several reports on the Internet about this problem for many years).
  • I did not like the new graphics and music used on some of the local news programs for WALA-TV since this past Saturday (on the fourth day of this February). I thought the music sounded too dramatic and exciting for to be either enjoyable, memorable, or professional, and I thought the graphics did not suit their presentation overall. For example, I thought the logo used for those programs was too plain and too much like some of the previous logos used on the local news programs they have had since their broadcast operation became affiliated with the FOX Broadcast Company (by the year 1996). I wish they had kept going with the graphics and music normally used on their local news programs before this past Saturday until a point in time when replacing them may be necessary (such as a change in network affiliations).
  • I enjoyed the "marathon" of the TV program named "Mystery Science Theater 3000" from the TV programming service named Comet TV through one of the digital sub-channels for WFGX-TV this Sunday (I was not interested in the programming about the football game mentioned in the first paragraph; especially since my favorite professional football team was not set to be part of it), especially after having having discovered that Comet TV had the right to broadcast it on a regular basis within the past year and after having gone without any regular broadcasts of it since the last time the programming service formerly known as the the Sci-Fi Channel (it was renamed SyFy) had the right to broadcast it several years ago (I was still able to watch episodes of the program since then through video recordings and Internet video services.

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