Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Commentary: Brand names for local TV news operations being misued

  • I wish Lenise Ligon of WALA-TV would not occasionally refer to their local news operation as "FOX News" instead of the proper name for it ("FOX 10 News") while presenting news reports for their local news programming.. She had been doing since the day she first appeared in a local news program for WALA-TV back in the year 2008 (this makes me wonder whether someone in charge of WALA-TV had forced her to refer to their local news operation as "FOX News" or simply allowed her to do so out of carelessness).
  • I wish WKRG-TV would no longer have the brand name for their local news operation ("WKRG News 5") used in reference to their main programming stream in promotions for programs other than their own local news programs. For example, their main broadcast channel and their digital sub-channel for broadcasting programming from the national TV programming service Memorable Entertainment Television (also known as Me-TV) recently had an advertisement for a local TV program about nature titled "Gary Finch Outdoors" with an announcer using the brand name in reference to their main programming stream while telling its listeners how they could access this program about nature (she said "on WKRG News 5") 
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