Friday, May 1, 2015

News for Thursday, April 30th, 2015

  • On this Thursday, the "leased-access" cable TV channel in the cable TV system operated by Comcast Cablevision of Mobile (channel 6; also known as "Port City 6") had audio of a meeting of the councilors for the city of Mobile while a graphic unrelated to the meeting appeared instead of video of the meeting.
  • The graphic mentioned in the first paragraph had appeared on the cable TV channel referenced in that paragraph on a regular basis since around this past Monday, April 27th, and usually appeared as an area of red with white text consisting of the words, "Due to technical issues, this channel is temporarily off-the-air. Thank You for your Patience".
  • Later on this Thursday, the "leased-access" cable TV channel referenced in the last two paragraphs had programming without the graphic described in those paragraphs; some with audio and some without audio.

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