Saturday, May 2, 2015

News for Friday, May 1st, 2015

  • A video advertisement for the Mobile Symphony Orchestra with the voice of the announcer for WKRG-TV's local news programming appeared on WPMI-TV's main broadcast channel (radio frequency/virtual channel 15-1) today (the name of the announcer was Jay Gardner).
  • Some members of the news department for WKRG-TV (including news presenters for their local news programming) used their local news programming to tout their official Facebook page for having close to 185,000 followers today (one of the members said their goal for the page was to have 185,000 followers by the end of the day*). 
  • The news presenter for today's edition of WPMI-TV's local midday news program ("Local 15 News at Noon") presented a report in which a neurosurgeon, teacher, and, public speaker from Maryland named Benjamin (Ben) Carson was referenced as a "potential presidential candidate", even though he was not an official candidate for any presidency by then.
(*the page did not have this many followers by the time this report was posted).

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