Sunday, May 17, 2015

Commentary: Unprofessional tones by local broadcasters

  • I was surprised and disappointed to see an expletive in a message attributed to one of the local radio announcers for WAVH-FM on his Twitter page since I found it very rude, unnecessary, and unprofessional (the name of the announcer was Sean Sullivan). If it was really his message, I wish he would resist using such language in the future for the sake of his reputation and his welfare (or well-being). 
  • I wish one of the news presenters for WALA-TV's local morning news program would not say "bye bye" to end its broadcasts, especially in the tone of voice she normally used for it in recent editions of the program (the name of the news presenter was Sarah Wall; as for her tone of voice, it sounded higher than the tone of voice she normally used for presenting news reports on the program). If I were her, I would have said, "Thank you for watching and/or listening to us" and "good bye" instead and used the same tone voice of I used to present news reports for the program.

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