Friday, August 7, 2015

Commentary: Great news for folks who liked the comedic TV program "Mama's Family"

According to a Facebook message attributed to one of the actors for "Mama's Family" (Vicki Lawrence), the national TV programming service named Memorable Entertainment Television (and Me-TV for short) was set to have it in their programming on a regular basis beginning next January. This should be great news for many residents of southwest Alabama since I understood it was very popular his area during the time it was part of WKRG-TV's programming on a regular basis both before and after production of it had concluded and since WKRG-TV has a digital sub-channel for broadcasting programs from Memorable Entertainment Television.

(note about a feature of this weblog: one of the articles in the "Historical Features" section of this weblog has more information about how "Mama's Family" was broadcast in southwest Alabama years ago)

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