Monday, August 31, 2015

News for Monday, August 31st, 2015

  • WKRG-TV had various technical problems on their local midday news program ("WKRG News 5 at Noon") today (its broadcast began at 12:02 p.m. instead of its regular start time of 12:00 p.m.; it had no animated sequence of the announcer for their local news programming (Jay Gardner) saying, "Now on WKRG News 5" at the beginning of its broadcast; it had no preview of news reports and weather information before an animated sequence with the announcer saying, "From WKRG News 5, the gulf coast's news leader. The news starts now"; it had microphone problems for its news presenter (the weather reporter for the program (John Nodar) gave her (Devon Walsh) a different microphone seconds after the problem arouse); it had no commercial break after a preview of news reports that would have been broadcast afterwards; it had audio of an unidentified person who did not appear on the program using an expletive synonymous with sexual intercourse; and it had static noise during its final segment).

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