Friday, July 31, 2015

News for Friday, July 31st, 2015

  • A recent camera operator for WPMI-TV presented sports reports for their local midday news program both today and this past Thursday, July 30th (the name of this recent camera operator was Stephen Smith; the name of the program was "Local 15 News at Noon").    
  • WKRG-TV had a news report that began with its reporter (Joseph Blake (J. B.) Biunno) saying his team of news gatherers was the only one to have witnessed the arrest of a person chased by police in Eight Mile, Alabama (northwest of Mobile) this past Thursday, July 30th, and that the person had requested speaking to him and his team (the reporter also said the person had a "message" for them) shortly after they came to the scene of his arrest (the reporter got the chance to interview the person in addition to hearing his "message").

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