Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Commentary on what was usually a program dedicated to entertainment and lifestyles ("Studio 10")

(note: this commentary was written on the Tuesday of the twenty-third day of this May)

I did not like hearing the hosts for the edition of the program ("Studio 10") broadcast this Tuesday (Joe Emer and Chasity Byrd) comment about reports of a bomb exploding near the location of a concert in the United Kingdom about to end on the Monday on the twenty-second day of this May or the fact it had video of a (very corrupt) politician commenting on the explosion (in a very rude way) as if this were a program dedicated to discussing news in general. I also did not like hearing one of the hosts (Joe Emer) talk about the explosion as if he sure they were caused by a group of killers as if there were reports confirming the idea that was caused by such a group ("Just unbelievable. What a bunch of cowards who perpetrated this act.")*. They should had kept what may or may had not been their personal opinions about certain subjects like the explosion to their selves and should had not allowed for the video of the aforementioned politician commenting about it. They probably should had not talked about it at all since their station (WALA-TV) all ready had reports about it in some of its programs about news in general since this past Monday.

(*here are some of his other comments about the explosion: "Every media outlet in the world has their focus on what's going on right there (in the United Kingdom) as they should"; "Just unbelievably sad and tragic news"; "I will never understand for as long as I live why someone thinks attacking innocent children is going to accomplish something").

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