Monday, May 8, 2017

Commentary: A ridiculous introduction and epilogue to a ridiculous news report

From the local news program that appeared on the main broadcast channel for WKRG-TV during the first half of the hour of 10:00 p.m. this past Friday on the fifth day of this May ("WKRG News 5 at 10"):

Introduction by Peter Albrecht (a news reporter): "Well Mel [Showers] (one of the news presenters for the program), these are the--let's say the Laurel and Hardy of larsony, the Beavis and Butthead of burglary, and video of their of antics in Breland Machinery in Semmes has been viewed more than eleven thousand times".

Epilogue by Peter Albrecht: "And what's not too funny is that these two bumbling bandits eventually got away with the vehicle...".

Remarks by Rose Ann Haven (the other news presenter for the program) after the epilogue: "Beavis and Butthead. Thanks, Peter".*

(*I would had posted a recording of the part of the news program with the aforementioned statements, but I was unable to find a recording of it with the report on the World Wide Web)

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