Tuesday, October 20, 2015

News for Monday, October 19th, 2015

  • The sports reporter for WALA-TV's local news operation (Michael Brannon) had attributed a still image related to collegiate football to a cousin of his while presenting it about in a segment of their local news programming dedicated to such images this past Sunday evening on October 18th. 
  • Even though one of the digital sub-channels for the Alabama Public Television station licensed to serve Mobile (WEIQ-TV) was not supposed to have programming from the national TV programming service known as World every hour on a daily basis any more after the start of this month, the cable TV system operated by Comcast Cablevision of Mobile still had listings for the programming World was set to have during the hours in which the channel was supposed to have programming from a different national TV programming service (Create TV from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.) on a daily basis afterwards (including today). 
  • According to today's edition of WALA-TV's local entertainment and lifestyle program ("Studio 10"), one of its hosts (Chasity Byrd) was part of a radio programming segment (about weather) she was told had to be replaced due it part of it being silent for 45 seconds when it was broadcast earlier in the day (she and the other host for the program (Joe Emer) had joked it about on today's edition of the program: for example, she, the host involved in the segment, said, "My forecast spoke for itself: I mean nothing going on at all, sunshine", to which he, the other host, replied, "That's some good airtime there: 45 seconds of nothing at all". The other host even tried to "recreate" it after a weather report she did near the end of today's edition of their program (he did so by staying silent, which caused her to shout, "Say something!", to which he replied, "I just wanted to recreate your radio announcement from this morning when you sent in 45 seconds of silence to the radio. Chasity Byrd everybody!")

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