Saturday, June 17, 2017

Commentary: Broadcasters using their positions to express feelings of pride over celebrated persons (celebrities) and promote the idea of capturing and/or eating sea creatures

  • No professional broadcaster (including local broadcasters) should use his or her position to express excessive pride over certain persons celebrated for certain achievements, especially if his or her position is to be a news presenter or a news reporter. Their audiences do not need to know how they feel about certain celebrities; all they need to do is talk about them the way they would talk about other persons if they were serious and objective news presenters or news reporters (such as the reasons for their being celebrities).  
  • I had noticed some local broadcasters (including some members of WPMI-TV named Kelly Foster  (a news presenter, a weather reporter, and a host specialized in entertainment and lifestyles) and Terra Reeves (another host specialized in entertainment and lifestyles) and a member of WALA-TV named Jason Smith (a weather reporter and a host specialized in capturing fish and providing information about natural parts of the word)) using some of the local TV programs for their respective stations to express what may or may had not been their own affections for eating sea creatures earlier this June. Personally I wished they had not done so since not every person in their local broadcast areas would want to eat a sea creature or any creature other than a human (either for health reasons, ethical reasons, or both). I understood that southwest Alabama is located near the Gulf of Mexico and many folks in the area seemed to enjoy capturing or eating sea creatures throughout the history of the area, that does not mean every person around these areas is required to adhere to these traditions (post script: I was not surprised to see video of the governor of Alabama (Kay Ivey) on a local news program for WALA-TV appearing to promote capturing sea creatures (such as red snapper) earlier this June, since many folks in southwest Alabama had done so for commercial purposes that may had benefited the economy of Alabama in a very significant way in recent times). 

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