Thursday, June 22, 2017

Commentary: Dramatics in broadcasting about a tropical cyclone and some interesting juxtapositions (corrected)

(correction note: part of the third paragraph below was corrected)
  • I did not like hearing local news broadcasters refer to a visitor of the city of Gulf Shores in southwest Alabama as "the first" to die as a result of tropical cyclone in the Gulf of Mexico this past Wednesday on the twenty-first day of this June, as if they were expecting more persons to die as a result of it (they sounded very grim and dramatic while doing so).
  • I would suggest local news broadcasters in southwest Alabama who had planned on leaving this area in order to advance their careers to resist any urge to act unlike their usual selves just because more national news broadcasters than usual may had been interested in this area and other areas near the Gulf of Mexico this calendar week due to the tropical cyclone mentioned in the previous paragraph. If they really want to make good impressions for national broadcasters who may be interested in their skills, they could simply be their usual selves (the national broadcasters might find their usual selves really special and not think they are just pretending to be special).

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