Wednesday, June 7, 2017

News for Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

(note: the report titled "News for Tuesday, June 6th, 2017" was corrected)
  • Some of the programming feeds normally used in the cable TV system operated by Comcast Cablevision of Mobile before the Tuesday of the sixth day of this June were moved to different channels in the system and/or given additional channels in the system between then and this Wednesday.
  • The cropped standard-definition versions of the main programming feeds for WKRG-TV and WEAR-TV in the cable TV system mentioned in the previous paragraph were replaced by more vertical versions of those feeds between this past Tuesday and this Wednesday (every thing in the more vertical versions appeared thinner as a result of their being more vertical). 
  • Some of the cable TV channels added to the cable TV system mentioned in the first paragraph of this report were accessible through both cable TV set-top boxes and digital transport adapters connected to the system, even those for programming feeds not usually accessible through digital transport adapters connected to the system before this past Tuesday (some customers of the system set to receive those programming feeds as part of their service plans with the system by this Wednesday may or may not had been able to receive those feeds through the adapters in spite of the additional channels they were given being accessible through the adapters by this Wednesday (these customers may had even gotten messages about the channels not being authorized and how they could gain access to their programing feeds (by dialing a certain telephone number)).

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