Thursday, August 10, 2017

News for Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

  • A World Wide Web site attributed to WKRG-TV had an article dated for this Wednesday about some members of their local news operation and other news operations being removed from a meeting with the governor of Alabama earlier this Wednesday. 
  • Some of the local news programs broadcast by WKRG-TV this Wednesday had some members of their local news operation talking about callers of a local radio program for WAVH-FM* reacting to news about the president of the United States endorsing a member of the Senate of the United States from Alabama for some reports they had about how those callers and other folks reacted to the news (they also had video of a computer monitor displaying a World Wide Web site attributed to WAVH-FM as audio of what may or may not been one of those callers played before having video of one of the hosts for the program (Sean Sullivan) talking about callers like that one).  
(*he was all ready the holder of the position) 
(**the names of the other candidates besides the ones named William Sandys Stimpson and Samuel Jones were Anthony Leonard Thompson and Donavette Ely)

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