Saturday, February 24, 2018

Commentary: Sympathy in news broadcasting

If I were in charge of a TV station or a radio station with a group of persons hired to gather and spread news as part of its operation, I would not allow or force any of them to use its programming to act sympathetic toward certain persons or subjects and/or use any of it to constantly focus on certain persons or subjects that they and other persons might want to sympathize. They should only focus on the jobs for which they were hired and not feel pressured or obligated or free to use their positions to act like advocates for their subjects -- or even like professional actors in a movie (just because the jobs for which they were hired would involve broadcasting does not mean they must act like entertainers (not every thing in broadcasting needs to be entertaining and not every person expects every part of it to be entertaining)).
(note: this commentary was based upon various reports and presentations of news pertaining to a recent member of the department of police for the city of Mobile in southwest Alabama that sounded very sympathetic toward him and relatives for some of the local news programs broadcast by some of the local TV stations in southwest Alabama between this Saturday and the Wednesday of the twenty-first day of this February)

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