Sunday, March 1, 2015

Commentary: Local TV station has incorrect reference to fictional character repeated twice

  • I was wondering why two news presenters for WALA-TV's local news operation referred to a fictional character played by a certain actor who died this past Friday, February 27th (the name of the actor was Leonard Nimoy; the name of the character was Mister Spock), by a name commonly used in reference to a certain medical doctor who died years earlier (the name of the doctor was Benjamin Spock; the name commonly used in reference to him was "Doctor Spock") instead of the correct name for the character while presenting reports about the death of the actor as part of WALA-TV's local news programming between that Friday and today. In case they were reading reports that had not been corrected for accuracy, I suggest that the folks in charge of the human resources department for WALA-TV make an effort have another person or another group of persons added to the staff of WALA-TV to check such reports for future editions of WALA-TV's local news programs. In case they were ad-libbing and had simply misspoke, I would forgive them for having done since many other folks had made the same mistake in the past due to the correct name for the character being similar to the name normally used for the doctor and due to the fact that no human is perfect, but I would still wish that they or one of their colleagues had quickly acknowledged their mistakes and corrected them as part of the news programs they occurred upon (update: I was glad to hear one of the news presenters for this Sunday's edition of WALA-TV's local 9:00 p.m. news program use the correct name for the character as part of a report about the funeral for the actor that day).

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