Monday, May 9, 2016

Commentary: News broadcasters make fun of advertiser for their broadcast operation

Two of the news presenters and news reporters for the local news operation at WKRG-TV (Ashley Knight and Peter Albrecht) had used some of their local news programming for this past Sunday on the eighth day of this May to make fun of a lawyer from their local broadcast area (David  Maloney) who had advertisements for his law firm (Maloney-Frost) in their programming on a frequent basis in recent times when they should have only presented details about his arrest that day and important details about his self such as his name and his law firm (the one named Ashley Knight said the lawyer may need his own attorney (basically another lawyer like him, specifically one legally able to defend other folks in courts of law) while introducing the report in their programming; the one named Peter Albrecht quoted some of the words the lawyer had used in some of the advertisements before presenting video of one of those advertisements (it had the lawyer say he would go after folks who drive under the influence of alcohol and contact him about it)). 

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