Thursday, May 12, 2016

News for Thursday, May 12th, 2016 (updated)

 (the second paragraph of this report was updated)
  • According to Mississippi Public Broadcasting, the reason past editions of a radio program of theirs named "Everyday Tech" were rebroadcast last Wednesday on the fourth day of this May and this past Wednesday on the eleventh day of it was due to a death in the family of one of the hosts for the program (Ashley Jefcoat) having occurred before the fourth day of this May.
  • Alabama Public Television was set to have three of their own TV programs (some documentaries named "Jeremiah", "Paratus 14:50", and "World War II: Alabama Remembers") take precedence over certain programs from a national TV programming service named World on the digital sub-channels of their network of TV stations (including the one licensed to serve Mobile: WEIQ-TV) that usually only had the live programming feed for the service in recent times between this past Wednesday on the eleventh day of this May and the Tuesday on the thirty-first day of this May.

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