Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Commentary on an unnecessary warning, some similarities between TV stations, and a new news presenter for a local radio program

  • There was no need for one of the news presenters for the local news operation at WPMI-TV (Lance Crawford) to use one of their local news programs ("Local 15 News at 5 p.m.") to tell its audience that one of its reports could make their skins "crawl" while introducing some video of it in one of its broadcasts in recent times. All he had to do was say what the report was about, the name of the person who narrated it for the video, and the name of the company from which they came (Circa). 
  • The news presenter added to one of the local news and discussion programs for WAVH-FM this past Monday on the seventeenth day of this April presented news the same way she usually presented news for some of the local news programs for WPMI-TV when she was part of their local news operation (it sounded very emotional and very dramatic; like that of a professional actor in a movie or a play). I thought her of presenting news would be different for WAVH-FM since this was a different station, but I guess someone in charge of the station did not care to tell her to do so in a better way (a more professional, serious, and objective way). 

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